Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Appreciating Our Volunteers

Leslie/Todd: We have an amazing group of volunteers at PEER Servants. Most of them are extremely dedicated and go far beyond what might come to mind when you hear the word "volunteer". They dedicate many hours a month using the talents and skills God has given them to empower the materially poor by serving our microfinance partners and PEER Servants itself. They donate their own money and/or raise funds from family and friends to provide loan capital, pay for their travel, and cover many of PEER Servants' expenses. And they do all of this with the humility of Christ and the gratitude for the enrichment of their own lives through the materially poor and our partners who serve them.

In August we took advantage of an opportunity to say "thank you" to these amazing volunteers. Susan Tavilla opened her beautiful home and threw a great "Volunteer Appreciation Party". The event was catered by a local restaurant, the food scrumptuous, and the fellowship sweet. We have a special community within PEER Servants and it was good to be together, not only to say "thank you", but to be re-energized in our desire to work together to serve the materially poor in the name of Jesus. The event was such a success that we have already planned to make it an annual event.

Special thanks to Susan and her sister, Sandy, for hosting the event. And to the PEER Servants volunteers. whose acts of service inspire us and many others around the world.