Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Walk for Economic Empowerment

Leslie/Todd: Our big fundraising event each year to raise loan capital for PEER Servants' microfinance partners is our Walk for Economic Empowerment. It started back in 2006. This year we took some steps to grow the event by inviting World Relief and HOPE International - two excellent Christian organizations active in microfinance, and expanding the sites from beyond Boston to DC/Baltimore, Charlotte, and Columbus. The event raised over $87,000 for the materially poor -- around $44,000 of that for PEER Servants. But it also gave us the opportunity as followers of Jesus to show to our friends, family, and general community that we, too, really cared about the materially poor. It gave us the opportunity to work together with other organizations that, while each may have different strategies, we share the common goal of desiring to see the materially poor empowered in the name of Jesus. And it gave us an opportunity for a great time!

This collage provides a peek at each of the four sites. Our hope and prayer is that God will continue to build this event for His glory and the empowerment of the materially poor.